Berastagi is a small town in Medan. Its distance is about 63 km from Medan. It’s a high plain. Many tourist objects are offered in this place. For the tourist who visiting medan, berastagi is an alternatif wasting a time, loosing the the noise from the business town. The access can be used from medan trough Jl. Ginting and padang bulan medan. Taxi is very usefull to reach the town. It’s about 30 minutes. Another transportation can be used from parapat is by using ship and visiting travel agent in Tuk Tuk.

Berastagi beauty

The main economy activity is fruit stall centre and various vegetable. It is famous with passion fruit “markisa”. Main attraction of the city is two active volcanos. They are sibayak, bathing hot water and sinabung. Each mountain can be reached in a day. The guide is necessary to climb it. Beside them, there are many well-known tourist object in berastagi.

  • 1. Gundaling hill
    Gundaling is a hill in bersatagi. Its high is about 1.575 m above sea level. It’s one of tourist object In berastagi. we can enjoy beautiful scenery sibayak and sinabung.
  • 2. Berastagi market
    In this market, the fresh fruits and vegetables are available. The tourist can offer things they like. Beside that the sellers are kindly.They will not dissappointed having shop in this market.
  • 3. Lau Kawar Lake
    It lies on kutagugung, naman teran district near by Sinabung, karo regency in the north sumatra. Beautiful scenery is offered in this lake.
  • 4. Lumbini town square
    Is a buddhist temple. It’s almost the same with shwedagon temple in myanmar. It lies on berastagi, north sumatra
  • 5. Sikulikap waterfall
    It lies on doulu, berastagi district, karo regency, north sumatra. Located in Jl. Ginting. It needs 1,5 hours to reach the place. It Is wonderful scenery, beautiful hill with Gibbon. This waterfall is called sampuren sikulikap by the villagers.
  • 6. Sibayak mountain
    Sibayak mountain lies on southwest medan. The villagers called it king mountyain “ gunung raja”. Its high is about 2.212 m above sea level. It is an active volcano and the latest explode in 1881.
  • 7. Peceren village
    Peceren is a village in berastagi, karo regency, north sumatra. It lies on north of berastagi street reaching medan. In this village, there are many traditional house in batak karo. Buddhist temple is available in JL.gundaling.
  • 8. Sinabung mountain
    It lies on high plain of Karo, Karo regency north sumatra. Beside sibayak, It is one of highest mountain in north sumatra. Its peak is about 2.451 m above sea level. It is declared as the highest peak. This mountain never explode since 1600. But, in 2010 and 2012 up to now called the most active volcano.
  • 9. Tongging village
    Beautiful scenery can be enjoyed in this village. One of the pretties place to enjoy toba lake is through this village, tongging. This village can be reached during 2 hours from medan. This village is the most Suitable place tyo enjoy toba lake. It lies on 900 m above sea level. This village also famous with sipisopiso waterfall which is declared as the highest waterfall in Indonesia. Its high is about 1200m.

These are nine tourist objects in berastagi and around it. Although it is a small town but there are many attracted tourist object as references to visit whereas berastagi is the nearest place with some tourist objects. The tourist will not forget their experiences having vacation in berastagi.