Bukit Lawang


Bukit lawang is not a strange place for every one who likes travelling and exploring beautiful natural tour. This place can be the reference for them spending their vacation. This tourist object lies on baharok district, langkat regency, north sumatra. This tourist object directly border on national park leuser mountain which has large area up to Aceh. This place is used for “ orang utan” conservation. So, it becomes an attractive tourist destination whether local or foreigner.

This tourist destination “Bukit lawang” is separated by baharok river which is branch of wampu river. In this area there are many caves which is formed by natural proccess. Generally, local tourist and foreigner visiting “orangutan” conservation in bukit lawang by rafting in current baharok river. They have to careful and guided by some guiders to reach the place.

Local or foreigners who want to visit “orangutan “ conservation in bukit lawang, they have to walk on feet about 20 minutes. After that they have to walk accross the river by using small boat. It is difficult place to be reached but when they arrived in “orangutan” conservation, their effort will be paid of because of the beauty. As the reference this place open at 9 a.m to 10 a.m and 3 p.m to 4 p. They only have an hour each session to have many activities with them.the activity can be watching observing , feeding etc. Therefor, they have to arrenge a good schedule to visit it and spend the time as good as possible.

One day, the centers of conservation were only visited by scientist and conservator. There were some people knew about this place. But, on the development, the area of bukit lawang become the centre of orangutan sumatra observation (view centre) and become one of the main tourist object in north sumatra which is many local and foreigner are interested to visit it.

The area of bukit lawang is claimed as the gate of beauty national park Leuser Mountain. Although this place becomes the place of orangutan rehabilitation, the area of bukit lawang forest is still used to natural tour tourist object activity and “orangutan” norht sumatra observation. Some species of plants and animals are observed in that area.

When the conservation area is opened, it’s a good chance to feed “orangutan”. There must be special food to feed them. This is used to be prevention of “orangutan” from illness. Every visitor should be careful to feed them; they have to feed by using special food provided by keeper. They are forbidden to speak loud which can disturb “orangutan “comfortable.

The visitors canuse a plane to reach bukit lawang , they can through medan airport which is called “kualanamu”. It is the fastes one to reach the place. but, for the tourist who likes land tranportation, they can use land transportation to binjai. They are riding about 2 hours by distance 80 km. The condition of the street is good enough. Therefor the visitor will enjoy their trip during in the travel.

The locals and foreigners can stay in the comfortable hotel which can be reached by walking on foot. It needs 30 minutes to stay in. they to pay Rp. 100.000 to Rp. 500.000 per night. The hotel provides many things such as internet access. There are restaurant, camping ground, viewing center, visitor center, terminal, gate area, information board, feeding site and bridge to national park around the hotel.
Natural tour bukit lawang can be the alternative spending weekend and vacation.