North Sumatra Parapat travel Medan

Talking about tour there are many places can be used as the references and alternatives. North sumatra is one of heaven in indonesia. Parapat is a place which has a wonderful scenery. In this place, the visitors are attached with its beauty. As long as the street reaching it, the visitors can have a rest in the edge of street while enjoying the beauty of toba lake. There are some food stall provided along the street. Beside that, before arriving to the destination thera are many monkeys walk around the street looking for the food. Some tips for the visitors, giving some foods to them is allowed. Bringing food is suggested such as peanuts and various cakes. They will be regret because they are not giving food to the funny monkeys. Usually the monkeys will follow them to ask some foods.

Parapat lies on girsang sipangan bolon district, simalungun regency. The visitors cover distance from medan to parapat. It needs about 4 to 5 hours. This district is one of access going to danau toba. Its distance about 48 km from pematang siantar. Parapat is the only one urgent access across sumatra which relates medan and padang.

There is a ferry harbour in parapat. It serves water connection between samosir island and ajibata harbour. The visitor shoud through parapat to reach samosir island. Another choioce is using land transportation.During the trip they can enjoy beautiful scenery along the will help tem to loose a boring in the transportation. It will loose their tiring during the trip.

Parapat is famous with beauty of toba lake. This town become well-known tourist object in north sumatra since 1990s exactly before 1997. This town is favourite foreigners destination. They come from holland, malaysia, singapura, germany, japan. Korean, etc. some of them are american. But in the beginning of 1997, there wsa money crissis which made them rarely come to this place. Parapat citizens and government were struggling to return parapat victory and make it more attracted.

Some visitors will find some places which can be visited. Although, some tourist don’t know the place very well. There are certain areas where the visitor can swim enjoying water from toba lake such as kasih beach, ujung beach, batu gantung, etc. around the place.

Beside swimming, the visitors can rent speadboat to enjoy the beauty of toba lake scenery, parapat. The visitors can have a merchandise such as mango and peanuts which cooked using sands. Some souvenirs are provided. The stall provides handicraft from the citizens. It lies on jl. Haranggaola around the beach.
This town often used as rest area by the visitors which across sumatra. They often called as JALINSUM (jalan lintas umum) this town connect between medan and padang. Besides wonderful tourist object, parapat is a legend town in citizens of north sumatra. A long time ago this town is a small town which lies in the edge of toba lake. After the horrible event, the citizents called it as parapat.

Having a vacation in parapat will be unforgettable experiences.